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Volume / Number: 5 / 623

CLA 623
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 12155
Script Corbie a-b Script
Date VIII² (751 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written doubtless at Corbie. The thirteenth-century Corbie ex-libris stands on fol. 2: 'liber Sci peꞇ corbeie'. With other Corbie manuscripts it migrated to St Germain des Prés in the seventeenth century where it had the number '216, olim 129' (see fol. 1). At the foot of fol. 1v stands the seventeenth-century entry 'Corbeiensis abbatiae in picardia'. Came into the Bibliothèque Nationale during the Revolution.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66790
Support Parchment
Contents Hieronymus, In Ezechielem.
Script Commentary

Script is a fine example of the typical a-b script described under CLA 5.554; small uncial A (probably suggested by the Caroline a) is used to save space at line-ends. The spiral form of uncial , G with the tail curving to the right and H with the gabled cross-stroke occur at beginning of sentences.

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