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Provenance: Corbie library—Eighth-century Insular MSS present before ca 800 (Ganz 1990)

These manuscripts were written during the eighth century in Insular script and were in the Corbie library by ca 800 following 'The Manuscripts of the Corbie Library' pp. 129–30 in, D. Ganz, Corbie in the Carolingian Renaissance Beihefte der Francia 20. Sigmaringen: Jan Thorbecke Verlag 1990

Manuscripts in this Collection

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Script Shelfmarks Date CLA Vol. CLA Name
Anglo-Saxon Minuscule VIII–IX 1 4
Uncial and Anglo-Saxon Minuscule VIII² 11 1599
Anglo-Saxon Minuscule VIII² 11 1600
Anglo-Saxon, Cursive, eN, and Caroline Minuscule VIII² 11 1618
Anglo-Saxon Minuscule VIII² 11 1622
Irish Minuscule VIII–IX 5 642
Anglo-Saxon Minuscule and Pre-Caroline Minuscule VIII ex 5 648

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Chart of Scripts