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Text: MS witnesses to Weber-Gryson, Vulgata text (Appendix)

These CLA manuscripts are witnesses to the texts in the Appendix of Weber-Gryson’s Vulgate, i.e. Oratio Manassae regis (Or Man), 3 Esdrae (3Esr), 4 Esdrae (4Esr), Psalmus 151 (Ps 151), Epistula ad Laodicenses (Laod). Most witnesses to these texts were written after ca 800 and are thus not in CLA.

Manuscripts in this Collection

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Script Shelfmarks Date CLA Vol. CLA Name
Capital and Uncial VIII² 1 101 Psalterium Reginense duplex.
Half-Uncial VII 11 1636
Irish Minuscule IX in (ca. 807) 2 270 Liber Ardmachanus. Book of Armagh. Codex Dublinensis.
Uncial VII–VIII (ante 716) 3 299 Codex Amiatinus.
Uncial VI med 8 1196 Victor Codex. Codex Fuldensis.
Pre-Caroline Minuscule VIII² 9 1251

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