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Volume / Number: 5 / 653

CLA 653
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 13246
Script Mixed Uncial and Minuscule
Date VIII (701 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain, probably South-eastern France, since most of the peculiar features in the manuscript point to France rather than to Italy or Spain. The added mass 'pro principe' mentions S Sigismund, but Forbes's designation 'Missale Vesontionensis' is misleading. There is nothing to connect it with Besançon nor with Bobbio either, except the fact that Mabillon found it there in 1686. The monks of Bobbio first lent the missal and then presented it to the abbey of St Germain des Prés, where it received the number 1488. It reached its present abode along with other manuscripts from St Germain des Prés during the Revolution.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66821
Support Parchment
Contents Sacramentarium Gallicanum; Ioca Monachorum; etc.
Name Bobbio Missal, Missale Bobiense.
Script Commentary

Script is a mixed type, probably all by one hand (except the inserted mass on foll. 251–253 in pure but gauche uncial): F, G, N, R are always in uncial form; and a, b, d, l, s are now in uncial, now in half uncial or minuscule; c, e, m, and t (c and e often with broken back) are regularly minuscule; noteworthy is the form of N with the third comma-like stroke often meeting the oblique second stroke well above the base-line, as in several North Italian manuscripts; z normally projects above the head-line; in juxtaposed cl the c is sometimes dropped below the line and the l is raised above it. The mixed script of the added matter on foll. 1–8, 253v–254, 291v–295, all by one rude, untrained hand, is sui generis and needs no description. The same hand added the names Bertulfus, Elderatus, Munubertus, Dacolena, Bonolo, Aquilina in the lower margin of foll. 197v, 208v, 213v, 268v, 271v, 284 respectively. The scribe apparently followed his exemplar page for page. Some additions and corrections in eighth-century minuscule.


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