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Volume / Number: 6 / 707

CLA 707
  • Amiens France Bibliothèque d’Amiens métropole 6 (foll. 2–192)
  • Amiens France Bibliothèque d’Amiens métropole 7 (foll. 2–192)
  • Amiens France Bibliothèque d’Amiens métropole 9 (foll. 2–192)
  • Amiens France Bibliothèque d’Amiens métropole 11 (foll. 2–192)
  • Amiens France Bibliothèque d’Amiens métropole 12 (foll. 2–192)
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 13174 (foll. 136, 138)
Script Maurdramnus Minuscule
Date VIII² (ante 781) (751 - 780)
Origin and Provenance

Written at Corbie, at the order of abbot Maurdramn (772–781). The series of volumes probably comprised the entire Bible: it was begun on a magnificent scale with the Pentateuch, but was reduced in size in subsequent volumes. The inscription at the end of Maccabees (MS 11, fol. 96) reads: EGO MAURDRAMNUS ABBAS PROPTER DEI AMOREM ET PROPTER COMPENDIUM LEGENTIUM HOC VOLUMEN FIERI IUSSI. QUICUMQUE HUNC LIBRUM LEGERIT DOMINI MISERICORDIAM PRO ME EXORET. The ex-libris ‘Liber sancti Petri Corbeiae sancti Adalardi’ (saec. IX–X) and ‘Liber sancti Petri Corbeiae’ (saec. XII) are seen on fol. 1 of MS 7. In the eighteenth century the Amiens volumes were numbered 64, 166, 151, 155, 165 respectively. The Paris fragments came to the Bibliothèque Nationale by way of St Germain des Prés.

CLA Vol. 6
TM Number TM 66875
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus.
Name Maurdramnus Bible.
Script Commentary

Script is excellent, fully developed Caroline minuscule of a distinct type named after the patron of this Bible: typical are f, r, s with the knob-like fore-stroke and the s going below the line; ascenders are club-shaped and descenders are strikingly firm; a is the rule, oc-a the exception; N occurs here and there. Prefaces and Capitula are in smaller script, in which ligatures are more frequent, especially at line-ends. An entry in Notae Tironianae in MS 12, fol. 109v, reads: ‘incipit liber iesu filii sirac’. A hymn to St Andrew in a tenth-century hand is seen in MS 9, fol. 132v.


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