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Volume / Number: 7 / 855

CLA 855
  • Bern Switzerland Burgerbibliothek A 91 (8)
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 9377
Script Uncial
Date VIII in (701 - 725)
Origin and Provenance

Written probably at Luxeuil, to judge by the script, abbreviation-stroke, and correction. The fragments were used as fly-leaves in a ninth-century manuscript of Isidore, Bern 224, which was at Strasbourg as early as the tenth century and later was in the collection of Jacob Bongars, whose heir, J. Gravisset, donated it in 1632 to the city of Bern. It is worth noting that fragments of another Luxeuil manuscript containing the same text, Paris Lat. 9377 (see CLA 6, p. xvii), also came from Alsace.

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 66994
Support Parchment
Contents Augustinus, De Genesi ad Litteram (1.5, 7–8, 17–19).
Script Commentary

Script is bold and stately uncial of a type recalling the Missale Gothicum and the papyrus St Augustine (CLA 1.106; 5.614), with some differences in individual letters: the forms of A and are especially noteworthy; the lower bow of B is squashed and broad; the eye of E is open and recalls the Greek form; LL normally run together; the second upright of N is generally wedge-shaped; the bow of R is ample; the base of T has a hair-line to the right and its cross-stroke is looped to the left; shafts are long, with ascenders having the wedge-shaped serifs found in Luxeuil uncial; half-uncial long r and occur at line-end. A correction in early minuscule of the Luxeuil type.


☛Tewes, Luxeuil No. 2. ☛Ganz, Luxeuil: one scribe, apparently from the same MS as CLA S.1745; foll. 1–2 in minuscule.

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