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Volume / Number: 7 / 971

CLA 971
  • Sankt Gallen Switzerland Stiftsbibliothek 912 (p. 25–26, 31–32, 69–70, 83–84, 271–278, 303–304, 309–310) [palimpsest old]
Script Uncial
Date V (401 - 500)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Italy, to judge by the script. The surviving leaves were washed off and used in North Italy saec. VII–VIII for writing a Glossary (CLA 7.967a); an earlier rough draft of this Glossary is seen on two folios (CLA 7.972). For later history, see 7.967a.

CLA Vol. 7
TM Number TM 67116
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Vetus, Prophetae maiores (Vetus Latina, Ier 17–18).
Script Commentary

Script is a bold and stately uncial of the oldest type.

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