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Volume / Number: 8 / **808

CLA **808
  • Berlin Germany Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz MS Lat. Quarto 364 [palimpsest new]
  • Orléans France Bibliothèque Municipale 192 (169) (foll. 15–18, 20) [palimpsest new]
Script Uncial
Date VII–VIII (680 - 720)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably at Fleury. The Berlin fragment was bought by Heine from a dealer at Toledo and presented to the Royal Library in 1847.

CLA Vol. 8
TM Number TM 67191
Support Parchment
Contents Hieronymus, Commentarii in Esaiam (fragm.).
Script Commentary

Script is ungainly and irregular uncial of a late type: the bow of A varies in shape and often looks suspended; the second stroke of N is nearly horizontal; the cross-stroke of T forms a loop to the left. For more details see under Orléans.

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