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Volume / Number: 8 / 1124 (+ 10.**1124)

CLA 1124 (+ 10.**1124)
  • Karlsruhe Germany Badische Landesbibliothek Fragm. Aug. 116
  • Vienna Austria Österreichische Nationalbibliothek L 482 (fragm.)
Script Anglo-Saxon Majuscule verging on Minuscule
Date VIII ex (776 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written in an Anglo-Saxon centre presumably on the Continent, and probably the very centre whence came most of the other Karlsruhe Anglo-Saxon grammatical fragments (see following numbers) and the Gotha Aldhelm (CLA 8.1207); the last once belonged to Murbach the home of an Insular settlement ('uiuarium peregrinorum’). The Charisius folios and the Diomedes, Consentius, Boniface, and Martianus Capella fragments (CLA 8.1125, 1126, 1127, and 1129) may originally have formed a corpus of grammarians, since they have palaeographical features in common and are not far apart in size. The Karlsruhe fragments come from the binding of two Reichenau volumes, Aug. 141 and 164.

CLA Vol. 8
TM Number TM 67264
Support Parchment
Contents Charisius, Ars Grammatica (2, 3, fragm.).
Script Commentary

Script is a small, rather decrepit Anglo-Saxon majuscule verging on minuscule: a is normally majuscule, d has both majuscule and minuscule forms, n and r are regularly minuscule and easily confused, S is mostly majuscule; has various forms; some ligatures: the fi ligature resembles minuscule with the top transected by an s-like stroke. Script shows some kinship with that of the grammatical fragments in CLA 8.1126, 8.1127, and 8.1129.

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