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Volume / Number: 9 / 1374b

CLA 1374b
  • Wolfenbüttel Germany Herzog August Bibliothek Aug. secundo 36.23 (foll. 2–83)
Script Uncial
Date VI in (501 - 525)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Italy. The claim that the manuscript was used by Gerbert (†1003) at Bobbio cannot be proved, but it may actually have been already there in his time; it was at Bobbio that Georgius Galbiatus discovered it in 1493. Came into the possession of Erasmus of Rotterdam (†1536) and in 1566 it belonged to Johannes Arcerius (†1604), from whose son it was bought by Peter Scriverius (†1653); after his death it became the property of the ducal library in Wolfenbüttel. Brought to Paris under Napoleon and returned in 1815.

CLA Vol. 9
TM Number TM 67512
Support Parchment
Contents Agrimensores.
Script Commentary

Script is a bold though not very regular uncial: the bow of A is pointed and constricted; the tail of G is long and thin; the second arch of M is mostly wider and taller than the first; the first upright of N often turns leftward; the bows of P and q are ample; Y is tall. Smaller sloping uncial (with minuscule b, capital E, and G resembling an elongated C) is frequently used at line-ends. Corrections in uncial in grey ink, or in sloping uncial (by one of the scribes of the text), or in semi-cursive or cursive minuscule, or in Square capital. Syllabic tachygraphy on foll. 28 and 29v. The entry ‘ΑΔΕΛΒΗΡΘω ΠΥΚΘωΡ' (adelberto pictor, saec. X) stands on fol. 40v; 'giselbertus' (saec. X) on fol. 75; Latin rhythmical poems in Italian minuscule saec. X in the upper margin of foll. 37 and 50.


Index Tironianorum.

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