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Volume / Number: S / 1734

CLA 1734
  • Milan Italy Biblioteca Ambrosiana L. 22 sup. (foll. 146, 147)
  • Nancy France Bibliothèque Municipale 317 (fly-leaf)
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Lat. 5755 (p. 3–6)
Script Irish Minuscule
Date VIII–IX vel IX¹ (780 - 825)
Origin and Provenance

Written presumably in Ireland, to judge by the script and the use of vellum, rather than at Bobbio, where the fragments were used for binding purposes.

CLA Vol. S
TM Number TM 67874
Support Parchment
Contents Computus; Calculus.
Script Commentary

Script is Irish minuscule by at least two hands, one of which uses d with the bow open; numerous ligatures including ci (with the c closed), pi (with i attached to the horn of the per symbol), rio, ti (with the i a continuation of the top of the t). Old Irish glosses are found on the Vatican and Nancy leaves. The fragmentary bifolium Vatic. Lat. 13501, no. 24 of unknown provenance, which also contains computistical matter written by four ninth-century Irish hands, may have once formed part of the same manuscript.

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