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Volume / Number: 1 / 32

CLA 32
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Lat. 5755 (pp. 95–131, 148–291, 308–323) [palimpsest old]
Script Uncial and Cursive Minuscule
Date VII (601 - 700)
Origin and Provenance

Written in Italy, probably at Bobbio. Has a Comes and many early marginal liturgical notes in Bobbio cursive. Used for rewriting saec. XI, doubtless at Bobbio. The main MS has the fifteenth-century Bobbio ex-libris on p. 15 and a fourteenth-century entry on p. 323: ‘Iste liber est monasterii Sancti Columbani de Bobio’.

CLA Vol. 1
TM Number TM 66127
Support Parchment
Contents Testamentum Novum, Epistulae Pauli (Rm, 1 Cor, 2 Cor, Gal, Eph, Phil, Col, 1 Th, 2 Th, 1 Tim, 2 Tim, Tit, Phlm, Hbr); Comes.
Script Commentary

The uncial script is bold and roundish.


☛Gamber, CLLA 240.

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