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Volume / Number: 3 / 323b

CLA 323b
  • Milan Italy Biblioteca Ambrosiana C. 105 inf. (foll. 1–135, 137–139, 150, 154–157)
Script Pre-Caroline Minuscule
Date VIII (701 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Written probably at Bobbio. The Rhythmus Longobardicus of the year 698, entered by the scribe in the blank portion of fol. 121–121v, was also entered by him in the Bobbio MS Ambros. E. 147 sup. (see CLA 3.**26b + c).

CLA Vol. 3
TM Number TM 92042
Support Parchment
Contents Ps- Hegesippus, De Bello Iudaico.
Script Commentary

Script is a crude minuscule based on cursive, in part perhaps under the influence of the Luxeuil type (see fol. 29), letters mostly leaning to the left: a in combination is suprascript; d has two forms; the shaft of h often bends backward; the long form of i is frequent initially (even 'Illum'); the form of ri in ligature is curious; superior u is now s-like, now cup-shaped.


☛CLA 4 p. VI, 'It is open to dispute whether items 3.323b and 4.512 should be called 'pre-Caroline minuscule' rather than 'cursive minuscule.''

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