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Volume / Number: 3 / 393

CLA 393
  • Naples Italy Biblioteca Nazionale Lat. 2 (foll. 37–41) [palimpsest old 2]
Script Uncial
Date VI¹ (501 - 550)
Origin and Provenance

Written most likely in Italy. The ancient leaves were re-used at Bobbio in the eighth century to copy patristic treatises. For the later history of the MS see previous CLA 3.391.

CLA Vol. 3
TM Number TM 66494
Support Parchment
Contents Pelagonius, Ars Veterinaria (26, 28–29).
Script Commentary

Script is a natural but somewhat irregular uncial not of the oldest type: the bow of uncial A is pointed; the lower bow of B is mostly open; the hasta of uncial E is high and the eye is mostly closed; the two bows of uncial M seem to pull apart; R descends below the line; CI at line-ends are joined so that they resemble uncial q.


☛Formerly Vienna, Hofbibliothek 16 (foll. 37–41) [palimpsest old 2].

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