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Volume / Number: 3 / 398

CLA 398
  • Naples Italy Biblioteca Nazionale Lat. 2 (foll. 112–139)
  • Turin Italy Biblioteca Nazionale F.IV.25 (fol. 21 bis / binding)
  • Turin Italy Biblioteca Reale Varia 186 bis
Script Quarter-Uncial
Date V (401 - 500)
Origin and Provenance

Written most likely in Italy. Was in the hands of Irish scribes, no doubt at Bobbio, in the eighth century, when the leaves originally left blank (foll. 139v–141v) were used for copying a text of Servius described in the preceding item. Found at Bobbio in 1493. The Probus fragments in Turin (Biblioteca de S. M. il Re, Varia 186 bis and the leaf, now destroyed, which once formed the fly-leaf of Turin G.V. 4 containing Paulus Diaconus on the Rule of St Benedict) probably once formed part of our MS, to judge by similarity of script and exact agreement in the dimensions of the written space. For the later history of the MS see previous entry CLA 3.394.

CLA Vol. 3
TM Number TM 66501
Support Parchment
Contents Claudius Sacerdos, Artes Grammaticae; Probus, De Catholicis.
Script Commentary

Script is a rapid, expert, in part almost cursive small half-uncial, known as quarter-uncial, of the same type as the Probus and Charisius described in the preceding item: d has both the half-uncial and uncial forms; the upper part of e often rises high above the line and is looped; i following r or extends well above the line and somewhat below; the shafts of b and l have a tendency to bend in (a trick much affected by Insular scribes); the cross-stroke of N is often high and almost horizontal; suprascript u occurs even in midline. On the entry of Servius de Finalibus in Irish minuscule begun on fol. 139v and continued to 141v see preceding item.


☛Formerly Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale G.V.4 (fly-leaf). ☛Formerly Vienna, Hofbibliothek 16 (foll. 112–139).

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