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Volume / Number: 4 / **44

CLA **44
  • Vatican City Italy Biblioteca del Vaticano Lat. 5766 [palimpsest new]
Script Uncial
Date VIII (701 - 800)
Origin and Provenance

Origin uncertain, but probably Bobbio. The MS was No. 44 in the Bobbio inventory of 1461. The Vatican leaves were removed from Bobbio ca. 1618 during the pontificate of Paul V (1605–21). The six leaves once in Turin presumably remained at Bobbio till the suppression of the monastery in 1803. Kept for a time at the R. Accademia delle Scienze; then transferred to the Biblioteca Nazionale, where they were burnt in the fire of 1904.

CLA Vol. 4
TM Number TM 66140
Support Parchment
Contents Cassianus, Collationes (3.18–4.10; 4.12–fin.).
Script Commentary

Script is a rather compressed and irregular uncial of a late type with long ascenders and descenders : i-longa, often extending below as well as above the line, is used both initially and medially (In, huIus); suprascript U is frequent; the V-shaped Y occurs.


☛Formerly Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale A.II.2 [Cassianus] [palimpsest new].

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