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Volume / Number: 5 / 547

CLA 547
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 2706
Script Half-Uncial
Date VIII in (701 - 725)
Origin and Provenance

Written apparently in East France in a centre under Anglo-Saxon influence in the same scriptorium which produced MSS Lat. 2110 (CLA 5.541) and Gotha 1.75 (CLA 8.1208). Was at St Denis in the thirteenth to fourteenth century as appears from the well-known hand which entered the press-mark on fol. 1: ‘G. C. G. ☩’; beneath this stands the fifteenth-century number ‘V XVII’. Later number 5150 in the Colbert collection and number 4002.1 in the Royal collection.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66677
Support Parchment
Contents Augustinus, De Genesi ad Litteram.
Script Commentary

Script, by more than one hand, is a bold, late type of half-uncial also seen in MS Lat. 2110 (CLA 5.541) and in part of Gotha 1.75 (CLA 8.1208): half-uncial a leans to the left; half-uncial as well as G are found, the latter more frequently and mostly with the tail curving to the right; the oblique stroke of N is thin; the NT ligature is replaced by N with a small T over the second upright; the lower left leg of X turns to the right; Y is either v-shaped or has a stem below the base-line. Marginalia by the original hand, are in a half-uncial verging on minuscule which later came into vogue in the Corbie region. An Anglo-Saxon minuscule hand, saec. VIII, made corrections throughout the volume (foll. 23v, 77, etc.). A Nota Tironiana on fol. 309v.


Index Tironianorum.

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