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Volume / Number: 5 / 620

CLA 620
  • Paris France Bibliothèque Nationale de France Lat. 12097 (foll. 225–232)
Script Uncial
Date VIII¹ (701 - 750)
Origin and Provenance

Written in France, perhaps in a centre like Lyon. For provenance see the preceding item.

CLA Vol. 5
TM Number TM 66787
Support Parchment
Contents Canones.
Script Commentary

Script is a careful ornate uncial of a late type. The presence of Visigothic symptoms is noteworthy.


☛De re diplomatica, p. 356 and pl. VII. 2; Nouveau Traité, III, pp. 94–5, 106–7, 160–1, etc., and numerous specimens on pl. XXXVII, XXXVIII, XLIII, XLVIII, LI, LII, LVII, LVIII.

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