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Script: MSS illustrated in De re diplomatica

Facsimiles of these manuscripts are found in Jean Mabillon, De re diplomatica, either the first edition (Paris 1681) or the second (Paris, 1709). Citations from the CLA Bibliographies are given in the Notes and when these manuscripts are also found in the Nouveau Traité (usually vol. 3, Paris, 1757), those citations have been given as well.

Manuscripts in this Collection

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Script Shelfmarks Date CLA Vol. CLA Name
Rustic Capital IV 1 11 Vergilius Vaticanus. (F)
Rustic Capital IV med–V med 1 12 Codex Bembinus. (A)
Half-Uncial V–VI (ante 509–510) 1 1a Basilican Hilary.
Rustic Capital V (ante 494) 3 **296 Codex Mediceus. (M)
Uncial and Mixed Half-Uncial VI 3 295 Codex Florentinus.
Uncial VI 3 298
b-d Uncial V 5 521 Codex Claromontanus.
Rustic Capital VI in (c. 527) 5 571a
Uncial VI¹ 5 571b
Uncial and Half-Uncial VII–VIII 5 614
Uncial VI 5 616
Half-Uncial and Uncial VI¹ (ca. 523) and VI–VII 5 619
Uncial VIII¹ 5 620
Cursive Minuscule VII–VIII 5 624
Uncial VI–VII 5 633
Corbie a-b Script VIII ex 5 650
Uncial, Half-Uncial, and Cursive Minuscule VIII¹ 5 664
Cursive Minuscule VII ex 5 671

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