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Volume / Number: S / 1711

CLA 1711
  • Oxford United Kingdom Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms P. Ant. 152
Script Uncial
Date VI¹ (501 - 550)
Origin and Provenance

Written in an important centre of legal studies in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, probably at Byzantium. Found at Antinoë.

CLA Vol. S
TM Number TM 64897
Support Papyrus
Contents Iustinianus, Corpus Iuris Civile.
Script Commentary

Script is bold, roundish uncial of the distinct type of which the most noted representative is the Florentine Digests (CLA 3.295) and which is seen in a number of other legal manuscripts (cf. CLA 12.1723); the characteristic letters are tall B and R with the bow descending to the base-line and the final stroke approaching the horizontal. Extensive marginalia in a much smaller and finer script by the same hand: d, r, and have the half-uncial forms; the top stroke of is a pronounced curve resembling a comma, a feature also occurring in one hand of the Florentine Digests referred to above and earlier in the Fragmentum de Formula Fabiana, in the Oxyrhynchus papyrus of Terence, and in a parchment fragment from Antinoë (CLA 8.1042, 10.**1042, and 12.1717 and 1712).


☛Formerly London, Egypt Exploration Society.

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